[21:52] <Omashu_Rocks> what seems to be the problem

[21:53] <Suzon> Not you

[21:53] <Suzon> However, see my rebuttle to your message

[21:53] <Omashu_Rocks> very well

[21:53] <Omashu_Rocks> i wasn't trying to debate you

[21:53] <Suzon> I know

[21:53] <Suzon> Rebuttle just seemed like a good term :)

[21:54] <Omashu_Rocks> which message?

[21:54] <Omashu_Rocks> i left a separate one

[21:54] <Omashu_Rocks> what do you take issue with?

[21:54] <Omashu_Rocks> all we want is for you to help us look past that whole incident

[21:54] <Suzon> "We"? I am. Check the "Vortex" thread that everyone was on.

[21:55] <Suzon> I never said I was ousted

[21:55] <Suzon> I used "resigned"

[21:55] <Suzon> Your choosing to bring it up

[21:55] <Omashu_Rocks> yes and your quotes indicated that you take issue with the way you resigned

[21:55] <Suzon> I do.

[21:55] <Omashu_Rocks> and you brought it u

[21:55] <Omashu_Rocks> p

[21:55] <Suzon> No

[21:55] <Omashu_Rocks> you hinted several times at it

[21:55] <Suzon> No.

[21:55] <Suzon> Not once.

[21:55] <Suzon> I just said that I didn't resign.

[21:56] <Omashu_Rocks> what I wanted to explain was that you can't keep implying unfairness. you need to let it go

[21:56] <Suzon> Do you not recall you all voting.

[21:56] <Omashu_Rocks> you said you didn't resign, but you never said you were ousted?

[21:56] <Suzon> I was saying how I technically didn't resign but that is what you guys preferred said

[21:56] <Omashu_Rocks> ok. my apologies

[21:56] <Omashu_Rocks> but if we are going to consider you, you need to admit that you quit

[21:57] <Omashu_Rocks> and i still plan on supporting you as of now

[21:57] <Suzon> I'm not giving some apology, or some shit to make you feel better to get considered [21:57] <Suzon> You said you'd consider everyone.

[21:57] <Omashu_Rocks> yes, isn't that fair

[21:57] <Omashu_Rocks> ?

[21:57] <Suzon> As of now, I have the most experience other than Rass, Ratava, or 888

[21:57] <Omashu_Rocks> correct

[21:58] <Omashu_Rocks> that's why i like you best so far

[21:58] <Suzon> You said "if we are going to consider you"

[21:58] <Suzon> As if you wouldn't

[21:58] <Omashu_Rocks> well i am

[21:58] <Omashu_Rocks> i meant the other two

[21:58] <Omashu_Rocks> but suzon, remember what I said I would note when I vouched for you?

[21:58] <Omashu_Rocks> your change in behavior

[21:58] <Suzon> Yes

[21:58] <Suzon> My behavior has changed.

[21:59] <Suzon> Don't say this is bad behavior.

[21:59] <Suzon> I wasn't talking about you on the main

[21:59] <Omashu_Rocks> you were and you know it

[21:59] <Omashu_Rocks> i'll give you the benefit of the doubt

[21:59] <Suzon> When i was at the movies, this bitch was being very bitchy

[21:59] <Suzon> We were gonna make out, but than some dick came in

[21:59] <Suzon> and she wouldn't make out with me

[22:00] <Omashu_Rocks> also, I said that I would support you if it was whether or not to re-admit you. I never gave you a promise if there was a whole field of candidates

[22:00] <Suzon> and told me she didn't want to be friends

[22:00] <Omashu_Rocks> that's too bad

[22:00] <Suzon> Yes

[22:00] <Suzon> Which is why I'm pissed

[22:01] <Omashu_Rocks> my vote for you is dependent on whether or not you can admit the truth

[22:01] <Suzon> Anyways, I'm not admitting I'm wrong to get in the WLS. That's not me, and lying to you, and myself is against my beliefs.

[22:01] <Suzon> It is not the truth

[22:01] <Omashu_Rocks> am I lying?

[22:01] <Omashu_Rocks> there were other people there

[22:01] <Suzon> No, but your twisting

[22:01] <Suzon> You had a vote

[22:02] <Omashu_Rocks> to let you back in or not

[22:02] <Suzon> No, to kick me out or not

[22:02] <Omashu_Rocks> you called Minnichi a cunt and me a power grabber

[22:02] <Suzon> Yes I did

[22:02] <Omashu_Rocks> that's pretty bad

[22:02] <Suzon> Didn't I have a behavior change?

[22:02] <Omashu_Rocks> i don't know, this sounds like old suzon

[22:02] <Suzon> Aren't I on fucking meds to help with my bipolarness?

[22:02] <Omashu_Rocks> don't know

[22:03] <Omashu_Rocks> you make up a lot of stuff

[22:03] <Suzon> Let's post this log, and see what people think.

[22:03] <Suzon> If I'm being "Old Suzon:

[22:03] <Suzon> "*

[22:03] <Omashu_Rocks> ok

[22:03] <Omashu_Rocks> i agree

[22:03] <Omashu_Rocks> post it

[22:03] <Suzon> Just because I have firm beliefs doesn't mean i'm going around calling people names.

[22:03] <Omashu_Rocks> i agree

[22:04] <Omashu_Rocks> go ahead and post it

[22:04] <Suzon> doing it now

[22:05] <Omashu_Rocks> where?

[22:05] <Omashu_Rocks> just curious

[22:05] <Suzon> WLS Wiki

[22:05] <Omashu_Rocks> oh not on AW?

[22:05] <Omashu_Rocks> very well

[22:06] <Suzon> I don't know where to put it on AW

[22:06] <Suzon> We can link it OR

[22:06] <Omashu_Rocks> a blog

[22:07] <Omashu_Rocks> a forum to have me ousted as editor

[22:07] <Suzon> I don't want you ousted

[22:07] <Omashu_Rocks> you could do that, post a forum demanding i be removed

[22:07] <Suzon> I don't want that

[22:07] <Suzon> I think your a damn good editor, and fit for the position

[22:07] <Suzon> I want to know if I'm being the same as before

[22:07] <Omashu_Rocks> well thanks

[22:07] <Omashu_Rocks> very well

[22:12] <Suzon> working on it

[22:12] <Suzon> I have to hit enter a bunch of times

[22:13] <Suzon> so that each message is seperate