Issue 8: November 24, 2012


On Editing
Minnichi - Editor

I was supposed to make a statement about having the opportunity to be a co-editor of this awesome newsletter in the last issue, but unfortunately I've been too plagued with academics to produce anything much outside of fanon reviews and Urban Dictionary definitions (which by the way, are all loved by Mr. Rocks - not to influence your vote in some polls at the end of this article or anything).

But anyway, though this will still be a short statement, I felt the need to do it anyway. It's been unimaginably fun working for the WLS. When you've got the very inventor of the Fanon Urban Dictionary and, well, someone insane in a pointed hat working together, huge things can happen to the newsletter! (Good or bad is a different story) However, this leads me to comment on working for Avatar Wiki in general. Being a part of other random communities like and, I can confidently say that no site makes me feel at home as much as this one. (Begin sappy violin music) Though I've joined the Wiki most recently out of all of them, I feel like friends are actually made here; on, the closest are those who tell me something like, "I LOVE YOUR ART, MAKE ME A CLAY PONY!" (My Little Pony is very popular at the moment, fyi), and on it's either, "Update your story NOW!!!" or, "You seeee, there's this one very tiny little issue in your story that's canonically incorrect, and I'm just wonderinggggg..." Point being, only this community really feels like a real community - and I just love it! Thanks Avatar Wiki for a awesome 7-ish months of being a part of this lively group!

48px-4357864.png Plagiarism on the Fanon Portal
Omashu Rocks - Editor

plagiarism: the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. As you can see, the Dictionary app on my MacBook Pro defines plagiarism as not only copying text and inserting it verbatim in your own work, but also taking ideas. Believe it or not, it appears as if this phenomenon is a problem here on Avatar Wiki. Perhaps you've seen it, or maybe you've noticed that there's another fanon that seems oddly… similar to yours. (I decided to continue with my reporting-style articles.)

I'd like to start by comparing the "plot" section of two different fanons. Take "His predecessor, Korra, successfully ceased anti-bender revolts… On the same day she passed, (name) was born in the Earth Kingdom… Now 16 years old, (name) is about to discover that he is the Avatar, the chosen one who can bend all four elements" and compare it to "Avatar Korra has successfully stopped the Equalist threat. On the day Korra passed away, a boy named (name) was born in the Earth Kingdom, who would sixteen years later discover that he is the new Avatar, the only person alive who can bend all four elements." I found a few other examples, including one author who openly copies sentences word-for-word from other authors as well as taking the entire premise of his/her fanon directly from another.

Mr. Rocks has only just this to say: not cool guys. I asked around for other users' opinions, and the most insightful came from A True Fire Ferrett, who said "It's bad and wrong and… stuff." I understand that Energy Saga and Guardian are awesome fanons, and trust me I wish I could think of great plots like that too. However, suddenly thinking of your own story about a Dai Li agent who meets a lovely peasant girl in Ba Sing Se shortly after reading Silent Hero in Emerald is not something a user should be doing. If you are stuck coming up with a plot, we have the Fanon Lost & Found Advisers to help you. They're a much better source than the work of another author.

In other news, go compete in ARG's Fanon Trivia Contest. From The White Lotus Sentinel, I'm Omashu Rocks.

48px-4357864.png Fanon Review: Elements of Life
Omashu Rocks - Editor

Template:FRSNotice Omashu Rocks here for another installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon is Elements of Life by Typhoonmaster.

Official Plot: Once upon a time, not so long ago, I actually started to think for once. I thought about all sorts of things: future, happiness, world issues, fate, living underwater, and my place in the world. Like sweet music, the ideas flowed from my mind, and I thought to myself, "This kinda tickles!" Anyways, I wanted to share my insane "hallucinations" with you amazing, patient people. Avatar is a unique show. It has humor, adventure, heck, it even has romance! Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, and Zuko grow up right before our eyes and witness real-world problems like war, death, and justice. I will attempt to use the Avatar world and link it with ours, shedding some light on realities. With a collection of one-shots, I will illustrate the elements of life that I have come to know.


Plot/Storyline: To be honest, I was a little confused at first with what exactly was going on. If you check out the main page, you'll links to all these different one-shots. Some one-shots are loosely connected to a single plot, and some aren't. This whole system makes the fanon quite confusing, and it's pretty difficult to navigate through the series. For instance, if you go to the "Begin Reading" section and click the first fanon, you'll be taken to a one-shot with no "next" but a "previous," to which there is a previous fanon that's not only unrelated but is a series itself with it's own separate chapters, and a "related" fanon that would appear to be "later" in the series looking at the "Begin Reading" section. I highly suggest making this more coherent. I really don't know what the plot is, if there is one. STILL, each one-shot has a really neat story and I suppose that, since this is a series of one-shots, that's what counts. 9.0
Creativity: I can't really complain here. Some of Typhoon's "hallucinations" are pretty unique and interesting. 9.2
Interest Level: I certainly enjoyed reading, and I hope there are many more to come. 9.3
Character Development: Within each one-shot is a new chance to fall in love with the way Typhoon writes the characters. I really appreciated that. 9.4
General Writing: WONDERFUL! Typhoon is an awesome writer, and that's what makes EoL stand out. If it wasn't for this spectacular quality, I'm not sure I'd have too much interest, but believe me when I say that Typhoon deserves mad props here. 9.6

Average Score: 9.30
Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

Advice and all that… I said that the whole series should flow more coherently. What I mean is this: sometimes you have to pretend that your readers are the dumbest people on the face of the planet. Now, I don't at all mean that the plot should be less substantial or low-grade vocabulary should be employed, but I suggest making the main page more reader-friendly. Also, you'll notice that there's no action category in this review. That should make sense, as EoL isn't really an action fanon… What about adding an all-action one-shot (for me?)

P.S. I really liked Justice!

White Lotus Tile Fanon Urban Dictionary
Le Staff


phrase; Abbreviation for Karma Meets Procrastinator. (Often interchangeable with KettleMeetPot for its unnatural similarity) This phenomenon is common when a user with absolutely no obligation to the fanon portal makes such drastic contributions that official fanon editors all look lame in comparison. As a result, lazy editors are exposed and forced to work again out of guilt. "It's only been six months since I said I'd edit your fanon page. Sheesh!" "Yeah, I shouldn't have asked... Huh? What's this?" "(Sigh) What is it now" "Apparently this guy just swooped through my entire fanon page, fixed my spelling and grammar, and even made me my own category! I feel so special!" "What? Who does that guy think he is? I bet his fanon sucks!" "Actually, he doesn't even write fanon - AND he still helped me! Hmph!" "Oh - er - pshhh, well anyone can fix spelling and grammar, you don't have to make such a big deal. Here, let me see your fanon -" "But he already fixed it -" "LET ME SEE YOUR FANON! I'LL HELP YOU!!!" "Calm down! What's gotten into you?! Hmm wait...looks like we're in a KMP situation, eh?"

Fanon Fever

noun; A widespread and incurable infection, lethal to anything that has actual importance in life. The symptoms begin as soon as fanon-writing becomes a reason you fall behind on something that should never be fallen behind on...and it only grows worse from there. But of course, you keep writing anyway. "(Yawn) I'm so tired... You were saying, Steve?" "...'Steve?'" "Yeah, something wrong? I'm - OHHH HAHAHA sorry Mr. Rocks! I'm sooo out of it...I was just looking at your Steve Carell icon while you were talking...and I dunno how it somehow got mixed up -" "Okay um, maybe you should rest. What's been keeping you up so late?" "Oh ya knowww, school just really sucks and I didn't sleep again last night, sooo...(trails off)" " that means you've just released a 10,000-word chapter of your fanon on zero hours of sleep?" "Yep!" "...Say, did you ever think that you just maybeee have fanon fever -" "WHAT?! How dare you accuse me of such a thing! If you think this has ANYTHING to do with me getting fired or hitting a car the other day or forgetting I'm a student at my own university, or, or - WELL, you're crazy! I thought you were my friend! I hate you! AAAGH!" (Runs off wailing) "...What just happened?"

Romantically Disguised Suicide

noun; What 70% of "romance" fanons tend to be. It's claimed to be the ultimate love story, but everyone knows that it's only a convenient excuse to make the protagonist attempt (and sometimes succeed at) committing suicide."'And he just couldn't bear the thought of being without her forever. Right then and there, he looked over the edge of the cliff of the shadowy sea, whispered 'I'll see you soon, love,' and took the ultimate leap of faith -'" "BUT SHE'S ALIVE! Why would he do that?!" "'Shhh, he doesn't know she's alive remember? It's supposed to be like a Romeo-and-Juliet situation -" "But they hardly spent any time together! I wouldn't even say they're in love and he's gonna go kill himself over her already?!" "Well hey, Romeo only knew Juliet for what, a few -" "You're not Shakespeare!!! This is just romantically disguised suicide no matter how you look at it. (Sigh) Can I read one where he stays alive now?"


noun; Something participants in AvatarRokusGhost's fanon trivia contest suffer from when they spend an hour searching for an answer only to find out once they've refreshed the page that someone had already answered the question. "Finally, after reading all 101 chapters of A Bird Could Love a Fish I've found the answer to ARG's irritatingly specific question! Now all I need to do is type it up frantically! Yes… yes… YES!!! I've done it!… … Wha?… … … … … … … … What's this? Ruen's already answered it?! NOOOOO!!!! Even a team of Adele and Taylor Swift couldn't write a song to heal the massive heartbreak I feel right now…"

The Rock Li

noun; The maniacal duo known as the White Lotus Sentinel editors. Their combined influence on the newsletter sits somewhere between the rage of political ideals and the obsessive glorification of the Earth Kingdom, particularly the Dai Li. One might get an entirely different impression of the WLS article-management system, when looking behind the scenes...but hey, it works! (Right?)Transcript of an official meeting at Rock Li Headquarters... OR: "We're scheduled to publish tomorrow." Minn: "Oh, yeah! How many columns do we need to add so far?" "Actually, we have zero." "...Really now?" "Yea." "WELL, I should go ask around then! ^^" (Completely calm about having no articles) "Yeah, might be a good idea." (On the day of publishing) "So these people have sent in their columns!" "Cool, I'll just see if the other staff wants to write anything then. Maybe we'll actually have something to publish. (Pause) DARNIT! My newest political YouTube video has less views than the last!" "That sucks! But on that note, you ever updating Political Animals again?" "Ah, if only I could find time..." "(Sigh) Don't we all? But you seriously need to start incorporating the Dai Li into there. It's in Ba Sing Se, for crying out loud! D8<" "We'll see...and how about that offer to join Conservative Wiki, eh? We have cake! You KNOW you want to..." (And the article magically gets published shortly after)

Love the Fanon Urban Dictionary? Miss any definitions? See the complete collection here!

General Fanon News

Hey fanon-folks. After a tiring week, finally Acer can go back to work! This time, let's talk about Fanon Portal. *As usual*

Here we go. And here are your coffee and cookies.

This week, we have an intriguing Fanon Trivia Challenge 3 after forever. I mean, "it has been forever since [...]" How's your score? I think FRS rules the scoreboard this time, because, ya, you know, they're readers. Chase Ruen before he got the number 1. :P Just kidding. Do you enjoy this trivia? I hope yes, because if not, I don't have any fanon trivia contest like that. Anymore. Anyway, props to AvatarRokusGhost for his creation of that trivia contest. Thank you my friend. ;)

And going to Fanonbending, looks like it has been forever since the last winning-fanon series. Thank you for WaterbenderTaikai for his vote to Silent Hero in Emerald, at least one vote has been placed. So Fanonbending is not completely dead. And if you have any amazing fanon, don't be too shy to nominate it, but be careful to cast your vote.

I hope Godsrule's take and make-over about the Fanon Advertising System is useful. I mean, he just takes it for days, so I can't say his work is bad. These days I noticed that the system has been dead. Barren. But those barren-thingies aren't Godsrule's fault, as you, Template:USERNAME must cast your commentary about the featured and advertised fanon. You, must do it. I hope Godsrule can makeover the system well.

And did you ever think that wikia users are human? I mean, did you ever think about birthday? I hope you all don't miss it next time, but we missed Minnichi's birthday! Say happy birthday to her on IRC, or at least in e-mail! Several days ago, she bought her second head, that indicates her age is now, 20. *I'm a psychic! >:}* Happy Birthday! Her works on the wiki should be appreciated. Must be.

And I don't have any more issues about Fanon Portal except.... COME, REVIEW The Lost Air Temple! I can't wait for the result of Template:AW open spot. I don't think I should win, I mean join, because my time here has... slightly dropped.

But one thing is that I gonna miss you, Azulazulazula, my best reviewer of Avatar Phoa. Thanks for your reviews and "encyclopedic" motto for us, as wiki is absolutely nothing without you. Fanon Portal is nothing without you. Good luck in real life, buddy. :') Yeah, he just went inactive last day, and now we lost one of our best users. See you later in future.

All in all, I want to say happy Thanksgiving, and don't forget to answer at least one of ARG's questions.

Acer is signing off.... For good.

50px-3507847.png Fanon Promotion

Words which are barely spoken pierce through the chaos as easily as a blade.

From the author of? Emblem of the Outlaw? comes a new fanon.

While the new Avatar is too young to uphold her Avatar duties, it is up to three young adults to keep war from breaking out in the East. Meet Sohyon, Eizo, and Kanae: three Air Nomads who will have this great burden placed upon them. Can Sohyon's soft words break through the harsh noise of the political strife or will the whispers of betrayal prevail? The tempests are stirring, and only time will tell the fate of the world.

Whispers of Tempests


I feel really awkward gushing about my next project like this, but all early subscribers will receive updates about added pages, as well as the first chapter delivered to their email inbox before the release! I hope to see you reading, and I hope you'll enjoy!? ~MibuWolf


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