Issue 9: December 8, 2012

White Lotus Tile Fanon Urban Dictionary

The Lesser of Two Evils 

noun; Also known as The White Lotus Sentinel. This is the eventual choice when one wishes to join an Avatar Wiki newsletter staff. Even if you face constant pressure to worship the Dai Li and to join the Conservative political party, after all, it still beats the cruel, endless labor that your life is plagued with whenever you have to write for the Ba Sing Se Times. "Excuse me?! I didn't hire you on $0 an hour for this incompetency! Now give me some newsletter poll ideas, minion!!!" "I'm trying, I'm trying! (sniffle)" "You think the Ba Sing Se Times is a joke?! You knew what you were getting into!" "N-no, I quit!" "Hey, get back over here!!!" (At WLS headquarters) "It was so scary! KMP is just - agh, the horror!" "I see. Well, thanks for coming over here! By the way, you a liberal?" "Yeah, is that not a good thing?" "Er...I'll talk to Mr. Rocks. Just gimme a second to update my Dai Li fic -" "*Snicker*" "Hm, what's that? Got a problem with the Dai Li, too?" "I..." "Wow, all of us are going to get along with you just wonderfully, I can tell! (Ominous music) And for the record, KettleMeetPot is an inspirational genius." "Wha -" "I also work for the BSST, ya know - not that I was forced to make any compliments! Don't give me that face! Anyway, can't wait to start working with you for the next WLS issue!" (Slams door) "Well, I guess this is still the lesser of two evils... (Sigh)" 


noun; A fear that arises when an author has to create his or her original character's name. Many times it's harder than creating the fanon itself. "And my epic, amazing protagonist shall be called...Avatar...Avatar Yangch - nono, dangit! Why must the show take all the good names? Okay then, Avatar Yang...Yang! Just to cut it short. But, do I really want readers saying 'Yang' in their heads every time they see my amazing, wonderful brainchild? Is 'Yang' really the sound I'm looking for? Oh no, this is exactly what I feared would happen if I started a new story! Why is it so hard to think of a name?! Now I'm afraid I'll never be able to write since my character is nameless! Why did I even try? Whywhywhy -" "Dude, get over your fanonomatophobia already. Naming characters is easy! Just call yours Avatar...uh...Avatar...Aang - no, that one's used already. How about...Avatar..." (Commence panic) "Why is this so hard?!" 

Chronic Facepalm Syndrome

noun; A disorder that arises when one faces too much exposure to extremely bad-quality stories, namely The Last Airbender Movie and poorly-written fanons. The typical result is a permanent, tomato-red mark on one's face, due to the excessive smacking of his/her forehead with a palm."(Slaps forehead) Okay, I can do this... Just four more lines until I finish this fanon for reviewing... 'And then he lauhge.' (Slaps forehead) Nono, gotta keep trying... 'I cann't be beat, he Said. Then he earthbended at him and finished the battle because he was knocked out completely.' (Slaps forehead) I'm not even sure who's being talked about anymore! That's it, I give up for now! I'll just go watch some TV to cool off." (On TV) "My name's Ong." "AAAGH! (Slaps forehead ten more times) ...Ow, my head's starting to hurt. Maybe I should... (sees mirror) Oh brilliant, looks like I have chronic facepalm syndrome! Brilliant. Just BRILLIANT! (Slaps forehead)" 

Egotistic Action Scenes 

noun; The kinds of fights in a fanon in which the winning character has such an advantage over the other that it makes you cringe from all the ridiculous glorification. In fact, the glorified advantage is probably talked about more than the actual battle. "'She tried to land a sneak attack, but he simply stepped aside and gave a little shove of his arms, which sent her flying 20 feet backwards. The force was so great that she couldn't even get to her feet. She cringed in pain as he smirked, and he hardly even broke a sweat -' Ugh, what in the world? I'm cringing in pain from reading this!" "N-no, wait! It gets better!" "(Sigh) Alright... 'She charged at him one last time and waterbended a bunch of spikes, but he was just too strong. In seconds, he waved all the spikes away with a flick of his wrist, and...' *Crumples paper* GO TAKE YOUR EGOTISTIC ACTION SCENE SOMEWHERE ELSE!" "But -" "Come back when your character is human! Go on~!" (Tosses wad of paper in trash can) 

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50px-4519186.png  The Hunter's Gem, on Dec. 25th!

Hello, folks!

The title says it all: On December 25th, The Hunter's Gem will begin!

The Hunter's Gem follows a young boy in the Southern Water Tribe who inherited the task of chief when his father mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind only his sword. Bandits commonly plague the many villages in the valley, which are slowly running out of food. Kallik struggles to keep the valley alive and working together, with their political debates and whatnot. But, beside all of this, Kallik is trying to find the answer to the greatest mystery of his life: What happened to his father, and where is he now?

I have really put a lot of work into this fanon, and I've got some amazing editors who are gonna patch up the loose holes. I hope that all of you will like this fanon and enjoy every ounce of what goes into it.

That's PreservationsWings, signing off.

 Modest Fanon Advertisement

He there everyone, Godsrule here to tell you about one of the latest fanons on the wiki Avatar: The Bending Prodigy. It is fairly new and only one chapter is out. However, the reception is incerdible. The plot was created by yours truly and follows the journey of Azula and Aang. With the help of the Dai Li, Azula has been granted the power to bend all four elements. Now how will Aang stop her?

If you had to give all fanon authors, as a whole, a grade for their writing, what would it be?

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48px-4357864.png Community Fanons: A New Hope
Omashu Rocks - Editor

Those of us who hang around the Fanon Portal are very well aware of the generally unsuccessful fortune of what we call "community fanons," stories written by multiple authors. Typically, the cycle of a community fanon is as follows:

  1. One user comes up with the idea.
  2. That user gets a more prominent user to jump on the idea.
  3. A blog is written.
  4. A whole bunch of authors sign up to be a part of it.
  5. Group participation is extremely high for the writing of the first chapter.
  6. Enthusiasm slows down over the next couple of chapters.
  7. The fanon dies.

The project started by yours truly, known as Our Story, got a good six chapters in before it was completely abandoned. Indeed, it seems as though these sort of ideas never work out… until now. Currently underway is a fanon called Vortex. The crossover series follows six characters from fanons across the portal being thrown into a web of parallel universes together, all to stop an evil energybender and OC* named Olaiya. The fanon boasts an impressive cast of authors, including AvatarRokusGhost, Agent Slash, Suzon, Minnichi, Mageddon725, BlackMonkey and Wordbender. Together, they form what AvatarRokusGhost calls "their own Team Avatar." Fortunately, I was able to catch up with a few of these users to get the inside scoop!

My first priority was to find out just what it is about Vortex that gives it a new promise most other community fanons don't have. For starters, the tale has a permanent group of select writers, which is very different from Our Story in which anyone could join or leave whenever. This system creates a sense of responsibility for the authors so that they're more consistent in their writing, and, of course, it ensures that there is a higher quality of writing which will lead to more reader, ultimately resulting in higher enthusiasm. I also discovered a second variation from most community fanons. Rather than having all authors pitch in to write each chapter as a group, an individual member of the team is assigned to a separate chapter (with the exception of the Prologue). The group appears to be functioning well. "Everyone has proved very supportive and helpful, especially on those occasions when I can't tell if an idea of my own is good or stupid," said Wordbender, who believes that all seven authors really have come together in a unique, helpful way.

This means that every member of the team has to be comfortable with writing for characters other than their own. Mageddon725 seemed confident that his character, Yun, shouldn't have any problems fitting in. "I think his personality actually brings about some very interesting and awesome moments of character interaction. He really seems to mesh well with the others," said the author of Avatar- Aftermath and Burning Earth. Based on my assessment, it looks like the six protagonists could easily come together and produce a fun, exciting plot.

I was particularly interested in learning what happens when two or more authors disagree on a plot point or scene. According to AvatarRokusGhost, "Usually the authors talk it out. We've had our share of disagreements in the past. The others will mediate if it's not being resolved and it's holding back our progress." The esteemed author also noted that, for the most part, the authors have done a good job at maintaining a tight schedule, even after a period of hiatus. Keeping up with a schedule is the one aspect Wordbender said the group could improve on, so we'll have to wait and see just how punctual the authors will be in the future.

Speaking as someone who's on the list of subscribers, I can't wait to see how this series will unfold!

*OC stands for Original Character.

Latest Fanon News

Hey again fanon-folks! You must be tired of hearing from me, but to(night) I have a special information only for.... You! Well, (at least) you may be more bored of Dai Li, that's why I contribute this time.

First of all, I have a suggestion about writing. Fanon writing in Avatar started in 2009, that's a WOW. Guys, do you know that inactivity in the main portal also effects us? A hundreddozen fanons were created since 2009, and we have 5,743 fanon articles and series total. We have 760 series, and 208 of them were discontinued. What? Yes, the authors left.
Guys, come on. I, as a Fanonbender, don't want to clean up all the fanon series and change them to inactive fanons. The worse news is, per the policy, I've got 68 fanon series from inactive category that I should change to discontinued. So, we have 25 + 68 = 93 inactive fanons at first, then after cleaning up, we only have 25 inactive fanons with 208 "new" discontinued fanons.

Outside the sadness, let's celebrate an upcoming fanon from the most popular author on Avatar Wiki, AvatarRokusGhost! He published the main page of his new fanon, called Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes. From the main page, I know it'll be as popular as 'Avatar: Energy Saga', so I hope you folks also enjoy it.

From the Fanonbenders nomination, I also want to say sorry, Godsrule, for his failed membership request. I would suggest try some rewording and join us the fanon community even more. I know you can, so don't give up!

Fanonbending nominations have become less frequent lately, so I invite you to read a high quality fanon and nominate it!

Did you know that PreservationsWings is back from the dead? He's alive! He's alive! He's back with his The Hunter's Gem. Maybe you haven't heard of it, so I suggest you to click The Hunter's Gem. You should know that all of Wings's work is awesome! I hope my greeting here could keep him alive.

....Hmm, I want to have a longer column than Minnichi, but I don't think I could because her rambling power, so... congratulations for both Emblem of the Outlaw and Slash Trilogy for being good written and high-quality, so both Emblem of the Outlaw and Slash Trilogy are nominated in January 2013 voting proccess! Join us the fun of voting, and don't be too shy to nominate your own favorite! But please notice the "High Quality" criteria. And also in featured fanon articles, we have a magnificent creepy (because it was written by ghost) "Return to the Cave of Ancients Part 4" and a long "Chapter 10 - Peasant Meets Royalty!" Congrats to both articles and cast your own vote, guys.

Final comments: The Fanon Portal is a group of humans behind their own mask. People may go, but we should stay strong.


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